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  ENDscript: Analyse and generate multiple output from a PDB
An interface grouping seven programs: BLAST; MULTALIN/ CLUSTALW; DSSP; CNS; ESPript; BOBSCRIPT/ MOLSCRIPT; PHYLODENDRON. Aims to produce from a single PDB file, three PostScript figures containing most required sequence and structure information on a protein. Just upload your PDB and hit the RUN button.
Map Sequence variability (H) onto a 3D structure. This server maps amino acid sequence variability onto 3D structures.
  Modeling and Solvent Accessibility Tool
Identifying solvent exposed hydrophobic residues from within a protein sequence, and compares them with those of closely related sequences, making it possible to select the optimal residues to target for site-directed mutagenesis.
A server which calculates the variability from multiple sequence alignment using the Shannon entropy (H) function, the Simpson entropy function and the Wu-Kabat entropy function.

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