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  Antigenic Peptide Prediction
An antigen prediction tool that follows the Kolaskar and Tongaonkar (1990) method is available from our antigenic site.
A tool designed to aid in the development of multi-epitope vaccines against pathogenic organisms based on genome-wide predictions of promiscous MHCI-restricted epitopes [Restricted Access].
A server which calculates the variability from multiple sequence alignment using the Shannon entropy (H) function, the Simpson entropy function and the Wu-Kabat entropy function.
Predicts MHC binding peptides from an input protein based on their similarity to a set of peptides known to bind to a given MHC molecule. Similarity is scored using Position Specific Scoring Matrixes (PSSM) derived from the aligned peptides known to bind to that MHC molecule.
This server calculates epitopes that can be transported by TAP. It can also predict the HLA-I molecules to which the epitopes bind.
  HLAV3D: HLA Squence Variability in 3D
A tool that creates a three dimensional representation of variability in HLA molecules
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