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Multiple Sequence Alignment Tool.
  ESPript: Easy Sequencing in Postscript
Generate a pretty PostScript output from aligned sequences. Obtain coloring and residue grouping in the output from a similarity score calculated following several optinals algorithms. Take a PDB file with the 3D-coordinates of the first sequence in the aligment, in which case the ouput is enhanced with the secondary structure, solvent accessibility, and hydropathy.
  ENDscript: Analyse and generate multiple output from a PDB
An interface grouping seven programs: BLAST; MULTALIN/ CLUSTALW; DSSP; CNS; ESPript; BOBSCRIPT/ MOLSCRIPT; PHYLODENDRON. Aims to produce from a single PDB file, three PostScript figures containing most required sequence and structure information on a protein. Just upload your PDB and hit the RUN button.
A server which calculates the variability from multiple sequence alignment using the Shannon entropy (H) function, the Simpson entropy function and the Wu-Kabat entropy function.
SeqLogo generate sequences logos from amino acid sequence alignment. Sequences logos are useful tools to visualyze sequence patterns and represent a more informative alternative to consesus sequence.
This tool calculates pairwise identity and similarity of a msa using several methods.
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