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User Guide Variability Methods Input Output

This server calculates the sequence variability within a multiple sequence alignment using several variability metrics. Subsequently, the server can perform several tasks, such as masking the variability in the reference sequence, returning conserved fragments or mapping the sequence variability onto a provided 3D-structure.

Choose your input data type:
Protein Alignment
( Valid formats are: CLUSTAL, FASTA, GCC/PILEUP)
PDB File
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Select Variability Method
Shannon Simpson Wu-Kabat
Select Reference Sequence:
 Consensus sequence  First sequence in alignment

Plot variability
Plot variability
Map structural variability
    PDB file:
Plot variability
Map structural variability
Map structural variability
    PDB file:
Map structural variability
Mask sequence variability
Return conserved fragment of length  
      Enter Variability threshold:  


  • Diez-Rivero CM & Reche PA. (2009). Discovery of conserved epitopes through sequence variability analysis. Bioinformatics for immunomics; Series: Immunomics Reviews: Vol. 3. Pg. 95-101. Eds. Flower, Darren D.R.; Davies, Matthew; Ranganathan, Shoba. ISBN: 978-1-4419-0539-0.
  • Garcia-Boronat M, Diez-Rivero CM, Reinherz EL, Reche PA (2008) PVS: a web server for protein sequence variability analysis tuned to facilitate conserved epitope discovery. Nucleic Acids Res., 36:W35-41.
Praises and Complaints: Pedro A. Reche
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