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1. Set the parameters for the run (or accept the defaults...)
input section
Select a set of sequences.

Use one of the following three fields:  

  1. To access a sequence from a database, enter the USA path here: (dbname:entry)

  2. Or, upload a sequence file from your local computer here:

  3. Or enter the sequence data manually here:

required section
Display format

(only required if you chose to enter your own list above)

additional section
Regions to translate (eg: 4-57,78-94)  
  (If this is left blank the complete sequence is translated.)
Regions to put in uppercase (eg: 4-57,78-94)  
  (If this is left blank, then the sequence case is left alone.)
Regions to colour in HTML (eg: 4-57 red 78-94 green)  
Regions to mark (eg: 4-57 promoter region 78-94 first exon)  
  (If this is left blank, then no annotation is added.)
Comma separated restriction enzyme list  
Genetic code to use
featuresection section
Source of feature to display  
Type of feature to display  
Sense of feature to display   (integer)     (default is 0 - any sense, 1 - forward sense, -1 - reverse sense)
Minimum score of feature to display   (real number)    
Maximum score of feature to display   (real number)    
Tag of feature to display  
Value of feature tags to display  
Only display the matching tags?  
advanced section
remapsection section
Display RE sites in flat format?  
Minimum cuts per RE   (integer)    
Maximum cuts per RE   (integer)    
Minimum recognition site length   (integer)    
Force single RE site only cuts?  
Allow blunt end RE cutters?  
Allow sticky end RE cutters?  
Allow ambiguous RE matches?  
Allow circular DNA?  
Only use restriction enzymes with suppliers?  
Limits RE hits to one isoschizomer?  
Minimum size of ORFs   (integer)    
Display protein sequences in three-letter code?  
Number the sequences?  
Width of sequence to display   (integer)    
Line length of page (0 for indefinite)   (integer)    
Margin around sequence for numbering   (integer)    
Show sequence ID?  
Show description?  
Offset to start numbering the sequence from   (integer)    
Use HTML formatting?  
output section
Output file name  
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