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(Draws circular maps of DNA constructs)

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1. Set the parameters for the run (or accept the defaults...)
input section
Commands to the lindna drawing program file  
additional section
Maximum number of groups   (integer)    
Maximum number of labels   (integer)    
output section
Draw a ruler?  
Type of blocks
Position in degrees of the molecule's origin on the circle   (real number)    
Ticks inside or outside the circle
Text inside or outside the blocks
Horizontal junctions between blocks?  
Colour of junctions between blocks (enter a colour number)   (integer)    
Horizontal junctions between ticks?  
Interval between ticks in the ruler   (integer)    
Vertical lines at the ruler's ticks?  
Text scale factor   (real number)    
Length of text multiplier   (real number)    
Height of ticks multiplier   (real number)    
Height of blocks multiplier   (real number)    
Height of range ends multiplier   (real number)    
Space between groups multiplier   (real number)    
Space between text and ticks, blocks, and ranges multiplier   (real number)    
Output graphic format  
2. Submit to cirdna...
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